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Services _

We offer professional computer services for every budget !!!

You pay only for the service provided in accordance with the "no repair rule, no fee". Telephone consultations are free.


The duration of service depends on the speed and condition of your computer. However, this does not mean an astronomical bill for the repair of free equipment, because we will always offer the most optimal price service.

Remember that in the case of major repairs, fees for customer service are greater than in the case of repair in our workshop. In this situation, our service technician will propose the appropriate option. Collection and delivery of equipment to the customer is free.

Service 1 _

Driver installations and hardware configuration - £ 60

Service 2 _

Replacing or upgrading computer components - £ 70

Service 3 _

Removal of viruses and malware soft

- £ 60

Service 4 _

Installation or re-installation of the operating system - £ 80

Service 5 _

Re-installation of the system with data retention, data recovery - £ 100

Service 6 _

Cleaning the inside of the computer from £ 120

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